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Hormonal Changes At 40

A friend of mine emailed and She was frustrated because she had always been in good health for most of her life, with the exception of a childhood illness and accident. She was in great shape.

She noticed some elements of her life were functioning differently- and in a negative way. This was disturbing to the woman who had always considered herself to be slim, strong, attractive and youthful.

She had chopped her diet down but still she felt she was putting more weight. Doctor told her that her excretion and the digestion process have slowed as she reached her 40s

Her female doctor told that once a person approaches 40 hormonal secretions operate the system strangely. She started to have irregular routine of metabolism with no cure.

Soon, she noticed increasing digestive sensitivity to foods she’d always loved. She told me, “Christian- I have always had a cast-iron stomach. What happened?”

She had an injured knee right from the age of 17 which popped up as arthritis. Her blood pressure was 110/70 and it began to rise to 140/80.

Her complaints were not just like others. Every individual who turns 40 will have the anger that they face lots of side effects and due to that they will have to take more medicines that take the side effects of the original medicines taken.

She is a patient who has a healthy bondage with the doctor and she has frankly been telling her problems to her so far. I had advised her to be the part of the healthcare team. Being a part of the health care team she will be able to listen to the doctor and let the doctor know what the problems are. She just need not listen to the doctor for one side advise.

She nowadays asks for natural treatments when she meets the doctor. Certain times it cannot work because major injuries and problems will need an operation.

With the neat guideline from her doctor she effectively controlled the blood pressure and reflux, arthritis and her problematic hormones. As she has been affected by acid reflux and high blood pressure she has demanded medications which are natural and effective.

She hates pills, potions, and tonics, and knows that being more careful about her food choices and focused breaks would take a little more time out of her day, but she is committed. Turns out that changing some of her food habits helped her reflux, blood pressure, and her hormone issues.

She basically strongly holds the idea that planning a healthy diet and working out a neat routine of exercise will help her stay healthy. She need not keep running to any insurance firms or medicines if she does this. Maybe I should hire her.As there are alterations in the rules of Healthcare in the US, she is not much satisfied with the changes

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